Kaisa Anttila

I work as Quality Manager in the Digivisio programme office. Before Digivisio, I have worked with processes, efficiency and automation of functions, and lean and continuous improvement internationally. I have led teams and projects of different sizes and been responsible for managing customer relationships. I have accumulated experience in various industries, both in the private and the public sector, and in start-up environments.

In Digivisio, we are in many ways at the forefront of new things. Versatile experience is a benefit when you are building an operating environment and practices for creating the future.

As a learner I wish to develop continuously, advance my competence and sometimes challenge myself to learn something completely new. I dream of effectively combining my extremely diverse interests. Next I would like to learn more about different standards and IT frameworks.

Contact information
Kaisa Anttila

Quality Manager

Administration and internal processes
+358 50 472 5403