Tarja Heino

I work in Digivisio programme office as a product owner and am responsible for developing higher education institutions’ shared digital services. My area of responsibility includes educational offerings as well as applications and registrations related to them. 

As a product owner, my working days consist of planning and drawing up specifications for services together with higher education institutions and suppliers, managing the development backlog and guiding the work of suppliers.

What I find interesting about Digivisio is that we are building a new digital service package shared by all higher education institutions. It is wonderful to have this bird’s-eye view and contribute my work input. We strive to address the needs and wishes of both higher education institutions and learners in our development efforts. I have long experience in working with system development in the business sector. But you get to learn new things in each job, and in this programme, I have an opportunity to familiarise myself with the world of higher education. 

Contact information
Tarja Heino

Product Owner

Application and registration services
+358 50 3464607