What does the future of learning look like? Take a look at the graphic manual of the Digivisio 2030 programme. Download the logo and other material here. 

The graphic manual 

The visual appearance of the Digivisio 2030 programme is defined in the graphic manual. It contains instructions on, for example, the application of Digivisio’s appearance in other organisations’ material. 

Download the graphic manual as a pdf file below (in Finnish). 

The Digivisio logo

The primary color of the logo is black. Depending on the other color of the application, the logo can be used in all main colors of the Digivisio visual appearance. Always make sure the logo stands out clearly enough from the background. Instructions on how to use the logo correctly can be found in the graphic manual.

Always use official logos in the original format. Do not change the logo and use it only in permitted colors.

Download the logos in png file format below. 

Other material

Fot he contact persons in HEIs, other communication material (e.g. photographs and graphic elements) can be downloaded in the programme’s Eduuni wiki (login required).  

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