The long-term goals of the Digivisio programme extend to 2030. How is the progress of the programme monitored? Read more about the goals and monitoring of the programme!

The programme office supports the achievement of the programme goals through the SAFe framework, that is, through agile development work. The work of the programme office will be carried out on a quarter-by-quarter basis: each quarter, or increment, will have its own goals, and their achievement will be assessed in a demo at the end of each increment. Each year, the General Assembly approves the annual plan and budget for the programme. Within their boundaries, the steering group leads the operational work of the programme office.

Goals and action plan 2024

2024 goals

  1. Opening the beta version of the service
    The service will be opened to learners to a limited extent during this year for feedback on the servic
  2. Getting ready for launch
    Digivisio services and the first higher education institutions are ready for launch: operational and technical readiness have been achieved and the quality criteria for digital pedagogy are in use
  3. Goals for the next phase have been agreed and preparations have been started
    Higher education institutions have agreed on the goals for the next project phase, and preparations for the implementation have been started. Funding for the next phase of the project has also been secured.
  4. Easy and efficient cooperation
    Cooperation is easy and efficient among higher education institutions, between higher education institutions and the project office and with partners. The steering and operating model between the project and the company is clear.

Read more about the action plan and goals for 2024:

Goals and achievements 2021-2023

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