Basic information on the Digivisio 2030 programme

Involving all Finnish higher education institutions, Digivisio 2030 is a joint programme whose aim is to create a future for learning that benefits higher education institutions, learners and our society as a whole. All 38 Finnish higher education institutions have signed the programme’s participation agreement, and the programme office was established at the end of 2020.

Digivisio enables learners to learn more easily and flexibly, thus allowing them to accumulate the necessary expertise for a constantly changing world. ​

Digivisio strengthens the role of the teacher as a producer of high-quality content and as a facilitator of internationally renowned study experiences. ​

Digivisio ensures that the standard of higher education rises and Finns’ access to employment improves – both in Finland and abroad. ​

Digivisio 2030 aims to produce the following by 2030:

The Digivisio 2030 programme plan was approved in the joint General Assembly of higher education institutions in autumn 2021.

The programme is founded on equal and open decision-making

The steering and decision-making models of the Digivisio 2030 programme have been built in accordance with the principles of transparency and openness.

The General Assembly, composed of representatives from all higher education institutions, is the supreme decision-maker of the programme.

The steering group steers the operational activities of the programme in accordance with the guidelines of the General Assembly. The higher education institutions have elected representatives to serve in the programme steering group.

The programme office is responsible for the practical implementation of the programme. Practical development work is guided by the objectives and roadmaps established with the higher education institutions, i.e. the General Assembly and the steering group.

The management groups provide operational support to the internal projects within the framework of the project plan. The steering group appoints the management groups.

Read more about the Digivisio 2030 management model and organisational structure:

Monitoring programme progress

The website contains all the basic information about Digivisio and its progress. The programme makes every effort to engage in participatory and open work and holds regular information events and workshops, the dates and contents of which are explained on the website. Additional materials are also available in Eduuni wiki (login required), particularly with regard to the situational picture and service development of the programme. Subscribe to the programme newsletter on our website and follow the programme on social media:

More info

For any matters concerning the programme, contact the programme office at