Theses in Digivisio 2030

Are you interested in the future of learning, supporting learners with artificial intelligence or, for example, the development of new digital services? You can find a topic for your thesis in Digivisio 2030!

The Digivisio 2030 programme is interested in receiving proposals for theses. We will also post any suggested thesis topics on this site. 

Our principle is that we pay a trainee salary for all thesis work in accordance with CSC’s trainee policy or an appropriate fee for theses completed as a commission. Each thesis writer is also appointed a contact person from the programme office. The thesis writer is responsible for observing the instructions and principles of their own institution of higher education.

The thesis must support Digivisio’s objectives or activities, and the supervisor appointed from the programme office helps the thesis writer clarify this perspective.

Theses support one of the most important principles of the Digivisio programme, which is the principle of taking into account the perspective of the learners and engaging them in the process.

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If you are interested in doing your thesis as part of the Digivisio 2030 programme, please contact the programme office.