The vision for the future of e-learning

What kind of pedagogy and e-learning the future of learning requires?

Pedagogy and online learning lives and develops constantly and therefore we need a common vision for its development within the framework of the Digivisio 2030 programme.

The vision of e-learning boils down to the fact that the world’s best e-learning is meaningful and functional, as it

  • evolves with time
  • builds on everyday life and 
  • meets the needs of different learners.

From the learners’ perspective, high-quality pedagogy evolves with the changes the world sees and removes obstacles from the learning path.

In the future, e-learning will be seen as a seamless part of higher education pedagogy, and teachers will be offered more extensive support in everyday life compared to the current situation.

The world’s best e-learning develops when pedagogical experts meet each other, which means that e-learning is developed in cooperation between higher education institutions and experts.

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