Quality criteria

The Opin.fi service is developed especially for the needs of continuous learners, emphasising the flexibility of learning and options to select educational content that suits individual needs. The goal is that each of us can integrate learning new things and developing our competence into our everyday life. The quality criteria for e-learning are a tool that supports higher education institutions in producing high-quality educational content for continuous learners.

Quality criteria for digital pedagogy in the Opin.fi service

Based on research

Educational content is based on researched, reliable information.


The learner can find and select content that suits their situation and needs flexibly.


The educational content allows for learners’ different backgrounds and life situations.


Promoting open learning and ensuring that accessibility requirements are met.


The learning platforms of higher education institutions are consistent, and uniform structures are favoured at each higher education institution.

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How can the quality criteria be utilised?

The quality criteria are a guideline for producing high-quality educational content, whether informal, non-formal or formal education. To assist in using the quality criteria in practise, there is a workbook that offers ideas and practical tips for developing e-learning.

Read the E-learning quality criteria workbook: