Development of the service

The service is built in stages

The development path of the service consists of partial technical releases. Each technical release component builds upon the previously completed one: while retaining the previous features, each new version will always introduce new functionalities and elements.

The service is still under development. The first higher education institutions and learners will be able to use the service during the beta phase in 2024. The launch will take place in 2025, but the development of the service will continue even beyond.

Check out the timeline below:

Check out the more detailed roadmap:

The beta phase will start in autumn 2024

The service will be deployed in stages. The first eight higher education institutions will be able to start using the service in autumn 2024, after which the first learners will also be able to access the service.

This starts the beta phase when we will be collecting user experiences from the learners and the higher education institutions. At this point, the service will still be an incomplete beta version that does not contain all the features that will be included in the actual launch of the service in 2025. will also not be openly available to everyone online yet; access to the service will be restricted.

The final launch version of the service will be finalised based on lessons learned in the beta phase.