Opin.fi service

Opin.fi takes you on your own learning journey

The Opin.fi service is the first product of Digivisio: a service that brings together the open study offerings of Finnish higher education institutions. It also opens up opportunities for continuous learning for anyone interested in higher education studies at any stage of their career and life.

The beta phase of the service will be launched at the end of 2024, and Opin.fi will become available to all learners during 2025. You can read more about the development on the page detailing the progress of the Opin.fi service ».

Benefits for learners:

  • Learners can find relevant studies in one place.
  • The service inspires learners with its study options – finding studies that they can pursue whenever and wherever they are is easy for learners.
  • More high-quality study options – the service will also help higher education institutions to serve continuous learners better.
  • Registration and payment will also be handled in one place in the future

Benefits for the higher education institution:

  • Visibility: the educational offering receives visibility and learners can find their way to the right studies, resulting in fewer dropouts.
  • Reach: a wider range of target groups can be reached, regardless of where they are.
  • Learner insight: the data in the service will help understand learners’ interests and come up with new development ideas.
  • Efficiency: common operating methods between higher education institutions will bring efficiency.

Learn more about the service from this video:

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Opin.fi serves a wide range of learners

Learners’ goals, backgrounds and needs vary. Opin.fi helps them find the most suitable studies for their situation in the open offerings of Finnish higher education institutions.

The service is intended for learners who

  • are interested in competence development
  • want to deepen their past competence
  • want to learn something completely new
  • want to change fields
  • know exactly what they want
  • are still finding their way
  • want to develop alongside work

Each and every one of us is a learner.

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Key features of the service

Educational offering

For the first time, learners can browse and compare the open offerings of higher education institutions in one service. The Opin.fi website also includes higher education institutions’ offerings not rated for study credits, such as webinars and podcasts.

My learning

Once the learner has identified themselves in the service, they will have access to a personalised “My learning” view. It allows users to manage their educational history and contact information, interests and recommended settings.

Guidance and recommendations

The principles of guidance and recommendations at Opin.fi help learners find the educational offering that suits just them. The service desk provides help and support if necessary.


When learners use the service, it generates data. Analytics help higher education institutions learn what kind of content learners are interested in, for example. This will enable higher education institutions to develop their educational offerings to better meet learners’ needs.

Content pages

The pages for different themes and organisations offer learners inspiration and more information about higher education institutions and their offerings.


Learners can register for the offered education by going to the linked service of each higher education institution.

Read more about the Opin.fi service: