Digivisio regularly organises events discussing the progress of the project, service development, and topical subjects. Most events are arranged in the form of webinars that you can participate through Zoom. The webinars are held in Finnish.

To find out more about the events and the schedule, please visit our Finnish-language website »

Digivisio webinars

The Digivisio webinars focus on topical themes related to the progress of the project. The webinars are intended for everyone interested in Digivisio.

Demo webinars

Demo webinars are held four times a year. The webinars discuss what has been achieved in service development during that quarter.

E-learning studios

As the name suggests, e-learning studios focus on e-learning themes. In our interactive studios, visiting experts from higher education institutions and networks and Digivisio’s own e-learning professionals get to share their insights on the topic.

The studios are intended for all those interested in e-learning, but they are particularly informative and interesting for teachers in higher education and the pedagogical and technical support staff.

IT webinars

IT webinars shed light on the big picture of IT in Digivisio. The aim is to increase the understanding of higher education institutions of the capabilities and solutions that the project is developing and how higher education institutions can use them in developing their own activities. These events are aimed at the IT staff of higher education institutions in particular.