An updated workbook on the quality criteria for E-learning is now available!

The quality criteria for E-learning have been created to support the production of high-quality educational content, especially for the service and continuous learners. The practical implementation of the quality criteria is supported by a workbook, whose updated version has now been published.

Supporting high-quality E-learning is an essential part of promoting the target scenario of the Digivisio 2030 project. One tool in this work is the quality criteria for E-learning, which support higher education institutions in providing high-quality educational content for the service.

Developed in cooperation with higher education institutions since autumn 2022, the quality criteria are part of the rules of the service as a whole. The quality criteria for E-learning are based on cooperation between Finnish higher education institutions and, as a result of quality work done, the learner can rely on the quality of the content found in the service.

Workbook is helpful in putting the quality criteria into practice

The so-called workbook has been prepared in parts since the autumn of 2023, and now it has been compiled into a single edition. The workbook contains its own sections for applying the quality criteria both in the formal course offering (i.e. credits) and in informal and non-formal education, such as podcasts or webinars.

“The workbook provides practical tips and examples on how the principles of the quality criteria can be concretely applied in the planning and implementation of educational content. Simple instructions make doing high-quality work part of the routine and help to further develop E-learning,” explains Sini Hakala, E-learning Expert.

Use the quality criteria for E-learning and the workbook to help you develop E-learning!