The beta stage of will begin in autumn 2024

The first higher education institutions have begun deploying the service while the development of the service continues. The beta stage will be launched in the autumn, and we will learn from both higher education institutions’ and learners’ user experiences before the launch.

The development of the service has reached a stage where the first eight higher education institutions are preparing to adopt the service. Higher education institutions will join the service gradually in three groups, the first of which has begun deployment this spring.

The deployment will allow higher education institutions to introduce their own educational offerings to Once there is sufficient supply, actual users, i.e., learners, can also be included in the service. At the moment, it looks as though learners can be directed to join the service around October and November. This will mark the beginning of the service’s “beta stage”.

The beta will offer lessons on user experience

The beta version of is a development version of the service: it will not be ready and will not yet have all the functionalities or contents that the service will eventually contain. The beta stage of will not yet be openly available to everyone, as access to the service will be restricted. Despite the incomplete nature of the service, the user experiences of both higher education institutions and the first learners will play a key role in the development of the service.

In addition to the smooth usability of the service itself, other interesting aspects include the kind of offering learners are interested in and what attracts them to the service. The beta stage will also show higher education institutions how successful the deployment is and how their educational offering works in the service.

“The aim of the entire beta stage is to learn not only from learners’ user experiences but also from the perspective of the higher education institution. The lessons learned will prepare us not only for the subsequent deployment groups but also for the launch of the service in 2025,” says project manager Jonna Piiroinen.

Service development will continue – even after launch

The development of will continue during the beta stage: we are currently working on the next version of the service, 3.0. Once the beta stage is completed and we will have learned our lessons, the launch version will be created based on it.

“ will be available to all learners in 2025. The development will not end there, however. Instead, our work will continue, and the service will be developed further. Anyway, we will start making more detailed plans later, and now we will focus on the beta stage and the work at hand,” Piiroinen says.

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The first higher education institutions have begun deploying the service
Although the development of is still underway and there is plenty to do, we are already preparing to deploy the service. Higher education institutions will adopt the service gradually in three groups in 2024 and 2025.
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