Erika Maliranta

As a Programme Manager, I work especially with support for change management, pilots and deployments. For more than 20 years of my previous career, I worked in the development of online services and systems in many different roles. The entire span of large projects is familiar to me from setting up the project and project activities to change management.

What attracts me particularly in Digivisio 2030 is the opportunity to see how, when and to what extent higher education institutions will start using the programme’s outputs. I am also watching with interest to see how the peer support network of change coordinators at higher education institutions gets on with its work.

I hope that self-development and learning will become a natural part of working life and that we can all learn from each other, as we do in this programme!

Contact information
Erika Maliranta

Programme Manager

Support for change management, pilots and deployment
+358 50 5352391