Jorma Korkiakoski

I work as a Leading Expert in the Digivisio programme office where, up till now, I have been responsible for getting the development work up and running. In this context, I have participated in the tendering process for suppliers as well as in selecting development environments and tools and making them available to the implementation teams.

For the past 12 years before the Digivisio programme, I worked both in the University of Helsinki and at CSC on the construction of joint services for higher education institutions and promotion of cooperation. All in all, I have been involved in producing various information systems and services for about 30 years.

Digivisio is an inspiring programme: it is part of a continuum in the digitalisation of higher education institutions’ services on their journey towards increasingly compatible and integrated systems. We will create new opportunities for learners, higher education institutions and stakeholders. The commissioning of a beneficial service that will be used by a large number of people is still as inspiring today as it was the first time around!

Contact information
Jorma Korkiakoski

Leading Expert

Architecture and operating environment
+358 50 4131327