Sakari Heikkilä

I work in Digivisio as a Programme Manager, and my area of responsibility is strategic change, vision and legislation. This role allows me to engage in close dialogue with higher education institutions and coordinate cooperation with other nationally developed solutions, and also with international projects.

I have had opportunities to work both with and within higher education institutions. I have got to know such institutions as Aalto University and the University of Oslo. Before I joined this programme, I was developing higher education cooperation in the spheres of both research and education at Wärtsilä.

In our goals and work, I am particularly motivated by their impact; we are building shared services for all learners and the entire higher education sector. The solutions we have built in cooperation with higher education institutions are important not only for the individual but also for entire society, which is facing the challenge of dwindling working age cohorts. Learning must be more fun and easier in the future, even if the content to be learned were challenging.

Contact information
Sakari Heikkilä

Programme Manager

Operational planning
+358 50 5110424