14.06.2022 14:00

Digivisio webinar in English 14.6.2022


14.06.2022 14:00


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Presenting the first services of Digivisio 2030: the Continuous and Flexible Learning Tray 

Digivisio 2030 is progressing towards the implementation of the first services. On the Continuous and Flexible Learning Tray learners can easily find and access the offerings relevant to their needs and higher education institutions’ offerings reach a wider audience. Programme Manager Sakari Heikkilä will give us an insight into the development and basics of this service, which is planned to be opened to all learners in 2024. 

Enhancing everyone’s capabilities to utilize e-learning is a big step toward the future of learning. Programme Manager Tuula Heide will tell us more about the work done in Digivisio 2030 concerning e-learning and digital pedagogy. 


  • Opening words 
  • The Continuous and Flexible Learning Tray, Programme Manager Sakari Heikkilä
  • E-learning in Digivisio 2030, Programme Manager Tuula Heide
  • Q&A 
  • Closing words 

Join our webinar on June 14th, 2-3 pm. to learn more! 

The webinar is held online in Zoom.

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For more information, contact digivisio@csc.fi.