Digivisio action plan published for 2024

This year, Digivisio will focus especially on developing the service, deploying its beta version and ensuring readiness for launch. Read more about the action plan below!

In 2024, Digivisio will focus especially on the development of the service. Particular priorities for the new year include progress in the development and piloting of the service within the planned schedule and preparing the service for launch. The project steering model will also be updated to serve the production phase, and further funding will be secured.

The most important objectives of Digivisio for 2024 are:

  1. Opening the beta version of the service
    The service will be opened to learners to a limited extent during this year for feedback on the service
  2. Getting ready for launch
    Digivisio services and the first higher education institutions are ready for launch: operational and technical readiness have been achieved and the quality criteria for digital pedagogy are in use
  3. Goals for the next phase have been agreed and preparations have been started
    Higher education institutions have agreed on the goals for the next project phase, and preparations for the implementation have been started. Funding for the next phase of the project has also been secured.
  4. Easy and efficient cooperation
    Cooperation is easy and efficient among higher education institutions, between higher education institutions and the project office and with partners. The steering and operating model between the project and the company is clear.

“This year will be busy but great, because we’ll start to get more eyes on all the work that the project has done so far in cooperation with higher education institutions, the project office and partners”, says Project Manager Hanna Nordlund to sum up the new the year.

The action plan for 2024 was approved by the General Assembly in November 2023.

Read more about the action plan and goals for 2024: