Common rules to guide operations in the higher education institution ecosystem

As the development of the continuous and flexible learning tray progresses, higher education institutions have recognised a need to create common rules on how higher education institutions operate in the service by themselves or in cooperation.

We started preparing common rules last autumn, and these rules were split into general and practical rules. Digivisio 2030 General Assembly decides on general rules. The programme’s steering group or parties authorised by it decide on the practical rules.

The first version of the general rules was approved by the programme’s General Assembly on 22 November 2022. The first version of these general rules comment on issues such as the principles of data management and sharing, the description of course offering and how it is presented in the continuous and flexible learning tray, and the responsibility of higher education institutions for education to be provided in the service.

“General rules will further clarify the ways Digivisio work is carried out and its goals. The rules will become more specific and complete as the development of the tray progresses towards next release components. All functionalities and ways of working described in the first version of the rules do not exist yet, and as the work progresses, new questions will surely surface, and the rules should take them into consideration,” says Kalle Huhtala, Project Manager.

Next, general rules will be applied to practice in piloting, for instance. At the same time, the programme office will also start defining values and ethical principles with higher education institutions. Practical rules concerning the development of the continuous and flexible learning tray will be drawn up during 2023. The practical rules include matters concerning licensing and intellectual property as well as the practical implementation of e-learning quality criteria.

Read more about the first version of the general rules: download the document.

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Project Manager Kalle Huhtala