Cooperative partners of the Digivisio application and software development selected

Media release 10 August 2022

In the Digivisio 2030 programme, institutions of higher education are developing new services to support the shift toward the future of learning. The aim is to make learning more easily accessible to all, and for the new digital services to support learning and the augmentation of skills and knowledge flexibly and effortlessly throughout life.

Under a procurement decision made on 14 July 2022, by CSC – IT Center for Science, the application and software development of the first Digivisio service will be made jointly with Digia Finland Oy, Gofore Oyj, Futurice Oy, and Solita Oy. The procurement is significant for the Digivisio 2030 programme, because it is to give momentum to the development work for the first Digivisio services targeting all learners.

The procurement is worth about EUR 30-35 million, and it extends until 2026. The development work with the selected partners will begin in the autumn of 2022.

“In the tendering, we emphasised the skills and knowledge of the actors and the quality of the work, for which we sought evidence through means including a ten-day work test. Those participating in the work test were asked to design and implement a functional application according to an assignment set in advance. It is wonderful that we managed to get partners who are skilled actors with whom we will be able to rapidly advance the first implementation of Digivisio”, says Hanna Nordlund, the head of the project.

The first implementation of Digivisio has the working title “Continuous and flexible learning tray”. The new digital service will link the continuous learning available at Finnish institutions of higher education to make it accessible to all learners.

The development work of the continuous and flexible learning tray will be done in close cooperation with the pilot institutions with a strong focus on the learners’ point of view. The service is developed step by step through four technical releases, and the service is scheduled to open to the public in 2024.

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Hanna Nordlund, Programme Director