Digivisio 2030 podcast takes a dive into the future of learning

What are the megatrends currently affecting learning and education? What needs and wishes do different learners have for education? How will digitalisation and artificial intelligence challenge future learning? These are the questions discussed with expert guests in the new podcast of the Digivisio 2030 programme.

The Oppimisen seuraava luku (The Next Chapter of Learning) podcast dives into the themes of future learning, striving to increase understanding of the megatrends and phenomena affecting learning and higher education today.

The first episode will become available on 2 May 2023 on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and the Digivisio YouTube channel. New episodes will be published every Tuesday in May. The language of the podcast is Finnish. Each episode will also be published in text form, with English and Swedish translations, on the Digivisio website.

In the first season, the topics discussed will include megatrends affecting education and learning, different learners and the needs of continuous learners, online learning, data and learning analytics, and the utilisation of artificial intelligence in learning and education.

The host of the podcast is Programme Director Hanna Nordlund.

“It has been really interesting to have discussions with top experts on topics related to education and learning. If I do say so myself, we have got some really interesting guests and topics for the first season of the podcast!” Hanna Nordlund says.

Listen to the Oppimisen seuraava luku podcast

Release dates and descriptions for the episodes of the first season of the Oppimisen seuraava luku podcast:

2 May: The Future of Learning

What are the megatrends currently affecting learning and education? What does the future of learning look like right now? In the first episode of the podcast, we discuss the future of learning with President Ilkka Niemelä from Aalto University and Expert Sanna Rekola from Sitra.

9 May: Different Learners

The significance of continuous learning will increase in the future, but building your competence may be challenging in different life situations. In this episode, Laura Paaso from Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Milma Arola from Jotpa Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment talk about supporting continuous learning, encouraging learning as a lifestyle, and building competence identities. 

16 May: (e-)Learning of the Future

Pedagogy is also facing a change as digitalisation becomes increasingly important in our lives. What kind of opportunities can digitalisation offer for learning and education? How will the role of the teacher change? These are some of the questions discussed with online learning experts Hanna Teräs from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Teemu Leinonen from Aalto University.

23 May: Data and Learning Analytics

More and more data is being collected on learning and teaching. New technologies and digital platforms are making it possible to use it more effectively. What are the future prospects for using learning analytics and data? Marjo Keckman from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and Tomi Rautaoja from the University of Turku discuss this topic in the podcast.

30 May: Artificial Intelligence and Future Learning

Artificial intelligence is perhaps the hottest topic of discussion around the future of learning. It is associated with many types of threats, but it can also have interesting opportunities to offer for learning. How could artificial intelligence be used to support learning and education? In this episode, we dive into artificial intelligence and the future of learning with Headai’s founder, Cognitive Scientist Harri Ketamo, and Haaga-Helia’s Principal Lecturer Lili Aunimo.

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Communications Specialist Siiri Nousiainen