Digivisio is preparing a programme to support change management

The Digivisio 2030 project will trigger many types of changes in the daily life and practices of higher education institutions. Successful implementation of various changes in higher education institutions is a precondition for the deployment of the new national digital service platform, digitalisation of study administration processes, evolution of higher education institutions into open communities with knowledge-based management, and giving individuals and society access to data.

In spring 2022, the Digivisio project went on to plan a change management support programme. This programme will support higher education institutions in successfully identifying and facilitating potential changes brought about by Digivisio in their communities.

Finishing touches are currently being put on a template for the higher education institutions’ own change management plans. This template will be part of the change management support programme.

“Above all, the plan template is focused on basing the change on engagement and dialogue,” says Project Manager Erika Maliranta.

The higher education institutions will determine their organisations’ change capabilities and competence development needs in line with the Digivisio 2030 goals. Each institution’s strategic choices, digitalisation development plans and other ongoing and planned projects will also be examined in the light of the Digivisio 2030 project’s objectives and progress.

“In other words, the higher education institutions set their own goals, as well as decide which services developed in Digivisio, how and when they will use”, Maliranta sums up.

As part of the change management support programme, each higher education institution will also be asked to appoint a change coordinator in the autumn. The change coordinator will be responsible for coordinating matters related to the change in their institution, including drawing up a change management plan. The project will create a framework for a peer support network for the change coordinators, who will themselves determine the objectives and practices of the network.

The aim is to provide higher education institutions with the support they need for change management to ensure optimal preconditions for achieving the Digivisio’s goals. Actual change management and making the changes will be the responsibility of the higher education institutions.

The General Assembly of the project made decisions on the change management support programme, the change coordinators’ job description and financial support for their work at its meeting on 31 May 2022.

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Programme Manager Erika Maliranta