E-learning training concept honoured as Open Educational Practice of the Year 2024

Digivisio2030’s e-learning training concept was honoured for its combination of open learning and micro-learning.

Digivisio’s e-learning training concept has been chosen as the Open Educational Practice of the year. The 2024 training courses produced in partnership with universities, are delivered using open learning practices, and the stackable micro-learning content are also examples of sustainable resource-wise practice.

The national awards for open learning are presented by Open Science where a panel of experts selects the winners on the basis of nominations.

E-learning training concept based on openness, collaboration and the benefits of the learner

Digivisio’s e-learning training is specifically aimed at developing the e-learning skills of teachers and support services in higher education. High-quality e-learning is an important part of promoting Digivisio’s target scenario, and the training supports higher education institutions’ capacity to design and implement educational offerings, especially for and continuous learners.

The training concept has been designed in cooperation with experts from higher education institutions, and several preliminary studies have also been carried out in the background, for example on the development of the skills of teaching staff  and the quality of e-learning. The training courses are centrally designed within the Digivisio 2030 project, and the final products are openly available for use and modification by all Finnish higher education institutions.

“High-quality training on is especially beneficial for learners who can use content from different higher education institutions as part of their own learning paths,” says Satu Hakanurmi. Digivisio’s E-learning expert.

2024 training focused on modularity and micro-learning

This spring’s training experimented with a new approach: the courses have been delivered as stackable videos and podcasts. The initial idea for the training concept was born in early 2023, and the idea of a micro-learning training concept was enthusiastically received by planners of training in higher education.

The new method helps learners to make the most of the training in their everyday life and at work. They can split the courses into smaller parts, combine them into different modules and study according to their schedule.

“In cooperation with the university co-project partners and the Digivisio project office, we were able to publish the completed training courses and their language versions in early 2024. Warmest thanks for the collaboration to the trainers at Tampere University, LAB University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Åbo Akademi University,” says Hakanurmi.

Co-producers of the 2024 training courses:

Satu Aksovaara
Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

John Henriksson
Åbo Akademi University

Riikka Järvinen
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Olesia Kullberg
LAB University of Applied Sciences

Eila Pajarre
Tampere University

Outi Wallin
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Project Director Hanna Nordlund (second left) and E-learning expert Satu Hakanurmi (second right) received their award at the Open Science and Research Summer Days at Aalto University on Monday 3 June 2024. On the left, Riikka Anttonen, Tampere University, who received the Open Learning Material of the Year award on behalf of Carita Killin, and on the right, Anna Lindfors, CSC, who received the Open Learning Influencer of the Year award.

Photo: TSV

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