First Digivisio service pilot launched in higher education institutions

Digivisio 2030 is a programme that develops new services to support the transition to the future of learning. The development of the first services begun in the autumn, and the first pilot of the programme will be launched in higher education institutions in October. The solutions developed in the programme will be deployed to a limited extent in the pilot HEIs before extensive production use. The aim of the pilot is not only to test and develop the technical implementation but also to advance qualitative development and operational change in higher education institutions.

Partial publications will be used to develop the first new Digivisio service, or the continuous and flexible learning tray. The first pilot will test bringing the non-formal education offering of higher education institutions to the continuous and flexible learning tray. The goal of the pilot is to collect experiential information on the identification and description of non-formal education offering on a common information platform.

Piloting will take place in various higher education institution environments, ensuring that the experiences and feedback generated by the pilots will be as versatile as possible. The participants in the first pilot of the continuous and flexible learning tray are Savonia University of Applied Sciences (together with the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences), South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Humanistic University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University.

“It is really inspiring to be part of this pilot, as it challenges us to think about our internal processes. We already offer many types of non-formal education, but they have not been coordinated and presented in a uniform manner. In this pilot, we can be at the forefront of developing tray solutions suitable for everyone”, says Marja Kopeli, pilot coordinator at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

The piloting of non-formal education offered on the continuous and flexible learning tray started at the beginning of October and will continue for about a year. Monitoring groups, through which higher education institutions can follow up the progress of the development work, will be set up for the pilots.

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Programme Manager Erika Maliranta