In the future, the new digital service for learning will open up the study offering of higher education institutions to all

There will be an inspiring revolution in the Finnish higher education field in the next ten years. The first concrete reform is a digital service that makes all Finnish higher education institutions available to everyone regardless of their educational background or student status. Higher education institutions are developing the service as part of the Digivisio 2030 project.

In the future, useful learning content will be available in a single service

Significant societal changes require continuous competence development and expertise from all of us. It is therefore important that learning is easily accessible in every stage of life, whether someone is young or old or already in working life. At the moment, however, study offerings are scattered among several different sources of information, which makes finding information and study opportunities challenging for learners.

Development of the digital service was launched this year and has not yet been given a name. The service will extensively consolidate information on the studies offered by Finnish higher education institutions. Information consolidated in a single place makes it easier to find and register for courses that suit one’s own life situation and need. In addition to courses, other wide-ranging content that supports learning, such as podcasts, seminars and lectures, enable familiarisation with different themes. This lowers the threshold for different learners to find interesting multidisciplinary learning modules regardless of whether a person is a higher education student or not. An intuitively provided service ensures a smooth application process.

The new digital service makes it possible to open up the study offerings of higher education institutions to a larger public. In the future, learning opportunities can be targeted more effectively and high-quality analytics on course choices can be used in planning the study offering of each education provider. 

Designed to meet the needs of different learners

From the very beginning, the service is provided to meet the needs of those planning or completing their studies in different stages of their lives. It is likely that the same person will benefit from the service in different situations and stages of education. It is for this reason that the service is not intended only for those already studying in higher education institutions.

The full digital learning service will be available by the end of 2024, and the activities will be piloted in phases from the beginning of 2023. Piloting takes place in selected higher education institutions, where both learners and staff carry out important testing and co-creation.

All Finnish higher education institutions are involved in the planning of the service, and its technical implementation is coordinated by the Digivisio project office. 

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Heini-Maari Kemppainen, project manager