News development work progressing rapidly – roll-out to higher education institutions to start next year

Together with Digivisio 2030, over the last two years higher education institutions have been developing a new digital service for learning. Now the development work is well established. The service will be rolled out to higher education institutions in a phased approach over the next two years. In 2025, will be open to all learners, making the service’s learning content available to everyone. – an easy-to-use service that inspires continuous learning

The development of started from a need. Currently, higher education courses are scattered across a number of different online services, making it challenging for learners to find the most suitable study opportunities. Learners have been involved in the development from the start, ensuring that the service is as smooth and engaging as possible for users.

Service developers are aiming to create a service that is intuitive and understandable to the learner, and that makes them want to return to it. The service will allow learners to browse and compare courses. As the development work progresses, learners will also be recommended the most suitable learning opportunities. Learners can log in to if they wish, further enhancing the service experience.

Learning content open to all acts as a showcase for the world of higher education has been designed primarily with the needs of lifelong learners in mind. Higher education institutes can offer a range of informal learning content such as webinars, seminars, blogs and podcasts to encourage learners to explore interesting topics and learn new things.

The higher education institutions will decide what content to offer learners in the service. However, in the early stages the service will focus on topics that are topical for the learner, making it easy for them to find content. Content on these themes in particular is encouraged, so that the offering will create attractive opportunities and entities. will have separate sections for learners and educational staff. In the future, the service will enable higher education institutions to record and use data more efficiently, as the data will be transferred largely automatically from other key higher education institution systems such as Pepi and Sisu. Staff can choose to embellish the descriptions of the offerings on, making the content easier for learners. to continue to be developed with higher education institutions after its launch

In the last couple of years, the service infrastructure has been built and a common data model has been developed, taking into account the common solutions and frameworks previously implemented by the higher education institutions.

The service will be continuously developed during the phased roll-out, but also afterwards. The aim is that, over the years, the service will evolve and grow – new features will be tested and then added according to the needs of learners and higher education institutions.

This article features interviews with Annu Schroderus, Product Manager of the Digivisio 2030 project, and with project managers Heini-Maari Kemppainen and Vilho Kolehmainen.

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