Eeva-Leena Forma

I work as a Project Manager in the Digivisio programme office, in the role of partial implementation resource for higher education institutions. I am responsible for tasks related to identifying change targets and supporting higher education institutions, as well as to the work of the higher education institutions’ change coordinator network. My main job is working as Head of Education Development in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. I lead a support and development team whose tasks include not only pedagogical development but also the development and maintenance of student guidance and teaching systems as well as information production.

Studying has been one of my hobbies, and pursuing education and improving my competence have been the best sources of motivation for me. In addition to communication studies, as a lifelong learner I was swept away by education science and educational sociology, to the extent that I ended up completing further studies in education science and higher education administration to support my work.

Speaking for actions that support continuous learning is easy, but without challenges, my work would be less meaningful by half. The preconditions for keeping each other constantly informed about the change information offered to higher education institutions in this programme are tireless interaction and that everyone finds this issue important. If we succeed, tackling the second challenge, or how higher education institutions will take up the services we have produced, will be a lot easier both in the programme and in higher education institutions.

Contact information
Eeva-Leena Forma

Project Manager

Support for operational change and change management
+358 44 710 3252