Leena Latva-Rasku

I work as a product owner in the Digivisio programme office. As one of the product owners, my responsibilities include guiding the work of product development teams, managing the job queue, defining and prioritising development targets and developing the product vision together with product and portfolio management. In my job, the most interesting aspect by far is seeing how a solution we are working on evolves towards the objectives set for it and, finally, hearing in concrete terms how the solution has made users’ daily lives easier.

I have worked in different digitalisation projects for over a decade; I have held project administration and product development roles in the social welfare and health care sector and, before that, worked in social welfare client tasks. The challenges related to digitalisation are ultimately very similar in every field, and this is why I believe that my knowledge of the social welfare and health care sector is also very useful in my current job and brings new perspectives to bear on this work. After changing sectors completely, I have learned something new almost every day, which is very motivating and inspiring.

Digivisio is one of the most important cooperation programmes in the education sector. What makes it particularly interesting is that all Finnish higher education institutions are committed to achieving the programme’s ambitious goals, in addition to which we have several other partners. My expectation concerning the future of learning is that, above all, it will be accessible to everyone.

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Leena Latva-Rasku

Product Owner

Education offering and registration
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