Matti Riihimäki

My job title is enterprise architect, and consequently my area of responsibility is enterprise architecture and the work and methods related to it. In other words, my task is to support the achievement of Digivisio’s goals using the methods offered by enterprise architecture.

I have been working in IT for about 30 years. My job titles have included software developer, project manager, product manager, marketing manager, development manager, department manager, and so on. My work experience ranges from various start-ups to large organisations. Among other things, I participated in setting up DNA and was responsible for its project activities and project management. As I worked at Aalto University for around ten years, I got to know the world of higher education.

I find Digivisio an exciting project from many different viewpoints. The focus of Digivisio is on developing new services. The project is small enough that a holistic understanding of it is possible, while it is also large enough to enable us to develop sufficiently ambitious services.

I learn new things every week, including how to build a modern software development environment, how digital pedagogy offers new perspectives on service development, and how the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment sees competence development.

Contact information
Matti Riihimäki

Enterprise Architect

Architecture and operating environment
+358 50 448 3495