Toni Iltanen

I am proud to be part of Digivisio! I work as a solutions architect in the programme, and I am responsible for the system team’s work. My job includes designing technical solutions and processes for the enterprise architecture and the practical implementation of solutions as part of the software solution. Our system team’s role is to support product development, get the software solution production ready and produce runtime environments for it.

I have worked in the IT industry for a long time and in different roles during my career. While I today mainly work as a solutions and software architect, I am still happy to wear a coder’s hat whenever possible. I have been employed in both private and public sector projects, and I am familiar with many different project types ranging from small customer service systems to national services.

In Digivisio 2030, I have learned a lot about the systems, structures and processes of higher education institutions. I find it particularly meaningful to participate in design where the aim is to achieve a technical solution in a large ecosystem with numerous actors! What I expect of the future of learning is ease. Our field of education is extensive, and I find it particularly useful to provide learners with easy access to all educational offering.

Contact information
Toni Iltanen

Solutions Architect

Technical solutions and information security