Tuula Heide

I work in the Digivisio programme as the Programme Manager of pedagogy and e-learning. In particular, my area of responsibility comprises identifying the development needs of e-learning together with all higher education institutions and implementing jointly agreed measures to support the development of e-learning.

What I enjoy particularly in my work is collaboration and continuous interaction with experts from higher education institutions. I am also delighted to be working with expert colleagues every day.

I came to the Digivisio work directly from the world of higher education. Over the years, I have been involved in many development projects, both national and international. Developing support services for learners and teachers, improving teachers’ competence and promoting national cooperation in digital learning and teaching have been the centre of my work.

One of my mottos is that you learn something new every day, which is also true of my current job. Each working day is different, challenging and motivating me to develop my actions. This is also how I see the learning of the future; as a learner’s path tinted with curiosity and enriched by diversity aimed to improve each learner’s competence and skills.

Contact information
Tuula Heide

Programme Manager

Digital transformation support to higher education institutions and e-learning
+358 50 461 4979