The team at the Digivisio Programme Office has grown during the spring and summer

The Digivisio work is progressing rapidly, and the number of experts working in the programme has increased. We have taken on new workers at the programme office, and many partial implementers will start working in various roles at different higher education institutions during the early autumn.

At the beginning of August, our new Head of Administration Enni Airasmaa (TP1 consortium cooperation and funding) began working with Digivisio. Enni has approximately 15 years of experience in externally funded RDI projects in higher education institutions and central government. Her particular strengths include administration, knowledge-based management and information systems. Previously, Enni worked as a project manager and project portfolio administrator at Turku University of Applied Sciences, where she also led the RDI finance team. Enni enjoys developing administrative processes and sees the importance of efficient working methods that facilitate everyday life and support successful project implementation.

In early August, Minttu Uunila also started work in the programme office as Test Manager.

During the spring, the new employees starting at the programme office included Communications Specialist Siiri Nousiainen, RTE Expert Juho Kuukasjärvi, IT Architect Matti Riihimäki, Digital Pedagogy Coordinator Sini Hakala, and Technical Solutions Coordinator Hanna Partio.

Over the summer, Martta Salmi also provided an extra boost to the programme office team by dealing with questions related to data protection and students’ rights.

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