Online learning quality criteria have been tested and updated

As part of the Digivisio 2030 programme, higher education institutions have prepared quality criteria for online learning to support the production of high-quality educational content for the continuous and flexible learning tray. The quality criteria are part of the joint criteria that apply to the activities of higher education institutions on the continuous and flexible learning tray.

The programme steering group approved the first version 0.1 of the quality criteria in March, after which they have been tested with the higher education institutions participating in the pilot. A form was used in the testing that gave the pilot institutions an opportunity to try out how the quality of the contents of educational offerings can be mirrored against the quality criteria. The testing done by the pilot institutions resulted in suggestions for improvement, for example, in the wording and presentation of the criteria. The aim of the testing and co-creation was to collect experiences on the usability and suitability of the quality criteria. One of the key findings that arose during the testing was the need to clarify how the quality criteria can be applied to non-formal content in particular.

A key idea for development that was discovered during the testing was the introduction of the quality criteria into practice with the help of detailed instructions and examples. Work has begun on the quality criteria with the higher education institutions taking part in the pilot, and the co-creation continues. On the other hand, the use of quality criteria is strongly linked to the processes of planning, quality management and curriculum work in the higher education institutions. This perspective has been discussed with both the pilot institutions and the change coordinators’ network.

In autumn 2023, three e-learning studios will be organised, focusing on the online learning quality criteria and, in particular, their utilisation in the daily life of higher education institutions. The e-learning studios are specifically aimed at teachers of higher education institutions as well as pedagogical and technical support staff. The studio dates have been published in the project’s Eduuni wiki.

The steering group approved the first version of the online learning quality criteria at its meeting on 25 May 2023. In the updated version, the presentation of the quality criteria has been clarified and particular attention has been paid to wording. 

The online learning quality criteria are continually developed and promoted at many levels in the project. The quality criteria are used for refining the continuous and flexible learning tray, and, on the other hand, the entity is constantly developed in collaboration with experts from higher education institutions. 

You can find the quality criteria on Eduuni wiki (login required).

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Programme Manager Tuula Heide