Partial implementation work on e-learning is under way

As e-learning grows in importance, teachers, tutors and education planners need new skills. In the Digivisio work, higher education institutions have both created visions for the future of higher education pedagogy and brainstormed ways of supporting teachers and other higher education institution staff in the transition towards the future of learning.

This autumn, Digivisio 2030 launched a number of development projects on e-learning, which will be taken forward as partial implementer work led by experts from higher education institutions. The partial implementers have formed eight working groups focusing on different themes. The working groups will plan and produce various reports, training courses and recommendations that will support e-learning development in higher education institutions.

Competence development, support for ability to study and much more

Based on a preliminary study on the competence development of teachers and support staff, one of the partial implementer groups will plan three training courses focusing on e-learning, the topics of which will be assessment, pedagogical scripting, learning design and guidance for learners, as well as togetherness and interaction in digital environments. The working group will also produce a model and principles for national pedagogical training programmes for higher education institutions.

The other partial implementer groups will, for example, discuss the future of student admissions and entrance examinations, development and modularity of joint offering of studies, promotion of ability to study and the quality of learning assessment, AI-based guidance and its ethical dimensions, as well as the e-learning rules for common studies and the development of cooperation in higher education pedagogy.

E-learning experts as drivers of development

Experts from higher education institutions were sought in spring 2022 for partial implementation work on e-learning. The partial implementers will work closely on their themes in the autumn, and at the end of the year, Digivisio 2030 programme’s steering group will adopt further plans and policies on how the results of the partial implementer work will be used.

See all themes and participants of the partial implementation work (in Finnish).

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