The vision for e-learning builds on shared ambitions and creates a basis for joint development in the Digivisio 2030 programme

In the future, our society will need increasingly diverse expertise. Learning should be possible for everyone in a flexible, smooth, and versatile way throughout life. As part of the Digivisio 2030 programme, higher education institutions have recognised the need to define what kind of higher education and e-learning the future of learning requires. Pedagogy lives and develops constantly and therefore we need a common vision for its development within the framework of the Digivisio 2030 programme.

The vision for the future of e-learning has been developed in cooperation between higher education institutions and pedagogical networks during spring 2022. The aim of the vision work has been to build a shared will and ambition for higher education institutions to develop e-learning and to prepare for the pedagogical development work carried out in the Digivisio programme. This vision work has also been utilised to find out what kind of e-learning supports the learner and learning in the operating environment of the future.

The vision of e-learning boils down to the fact that the world’s best e-learning is meaningful and functional, as it evolves with time, builds on everyday life and meets the needs of different learners. From the learners’ perspective, high-quality pedagogy evolves with the changes the world sees and removes obstacles from the learning path. In the future, e-learning will be seen as a seamless part of higher education pedagogy, and teachers will be offered more extensive support in everyday life compared to the current situation. The world’s best pedagogy develops when pedagogical experts meet each other, which means that e-learning is developed in cooperation between higher education institutions and experts.

“It has been great to work on the vision of e-learning together with different actors! Vision work creates a good basis for joint development, for example, regarding the continuous and flexible learning tray,” Programme Manager Tuula Heide sums up.

The workshops in spring 2022 included contact persons from Digivisio, teachers, student representatives, the KouKe network, the OHA networks, the Digipeda network and the vice presidents responsible for education as well as Digivisio programme office employees. The General Assembly of the programme decided to introduce the vision at its November meeting. The vision is utilised in the e-learning development of the Digivisio programme and in the implementation of services.

Read about the vision of e-learning: Download the material.

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Programme Manager Tuula Heide